Included Videos

  • EDW & NoSQL Now!
    5-Step Process to Align a Data-driven Organization Kelle O'Neal
    Organizing for Enterprise Data Science – New Analytics Structures, Roles and Relationships April Reeve
    Get the Right People on Your Big Data Bus Anne Buff
    Planning Makes Perfect: De-risking MDM Implementations in Advance through Full-Production Analytics Michael Ott
    Establishing the CDO Agenda Peter Aiken
    Better, Faster, Strategic:  Pick Any Three with the DMM Model Jeff Gentry
    Data Governance Lessons Learned The Hard Way: Panel Of Experience Anne Buff
    Getting Started and Winning Them Over Jodi Morton
    Information Governance in the Era of Big Data and Colossal Breaches Robert Smallwood
    Data Transparency & Governance in the Analytics Supply Chain Mark Marinelli
    Improving Data Culture Through The Data Stewardship Program Kyra Augustyn
    Relational Databases vs. Non-Relational Databases James Serra
    Necessity and Sufficiency Within and Without Spark James Gorlick
    Relational vs. NoSQL Design Patterns Sajee Mathew
    Intro to Graph: Why, When, How? Alaa Mahmoud
    NoSQL and the Analytics, App, and API Economy Christopher Bienko
    SQL-on-Everything with Apache Drill Tomer Shiran
    NoSQL Databases, Microservices, and Docker Containers Srini Penchikala
    Healthcare Analytics with an Enterprise Data Lake Jans Aasman
    Use Case Study on Different NoSQL Databases for Enterprise Applications Donovan Hsieh
    Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing with Spark and Cassandra Tim Berglund
    Designing Outside of Yourself: Data Visualization without the Explanation Gregory Kaminski
    The Big Mix:  Strategically Blending Data with Information to Discover New Value Cynthia Barr
    The CDO's Top 10 Surprises of a Successful Enterprise Data Office James Tyo
    Enterprise Data Catalog - A Case Study Jeremy Posner
    Making Data Governance Real in the Enterprise – The Benefits of a Model Driven Approach Danny Sandwell
    Metadata Management and Active Data Governance for both Data Warehouse and Data Lake Architectures Christian Bremeau
    Using Business Architecture to Create Business Excellence John Zachman
    Delivering Data Governance through Shared Services and Certification Program Eyal Almog
    Lessons Learned from 8 Years of Using NoSQL Mike Bowers
    Big Data Investments Have Been Made, But What's Next? Kenneth Viciana
    Establishing Traceable Quality With Deep-Dive Data Lineage Ian Rowlands
    Addressing the Data Management (and IT in General) Brain Drain:  Or Do You Believe Y2K Was a Waste? Peter Aiken
    Using Data Without Losing Your Soul Karla Carter
    Changing a City with Data Science and Story Telling Ben Wellington
    CDO Vision
    AI is About to Reshape the Workplace and Your Organization's Data Strategy Steve Ardire
    Breaking Old Data Paradigms Anthony Algmin
    Capability-Oriented Data and Analytics Strategy Jeff Gentry
    Creating a Culture of Information Literacy Jason Fishbain
    Data Governance as a Force Multiplier Michael Servaes
    Data Innovation and Digital Transformation at SAP Maria Villar
    Data Science Thinking for the Evolving Plethora of Applications Ilkay Altinas
    Getting Data Strategy to Support Business Goals Liz Rowe
    Leading Indicators of Big Data Success Kumar Srivastava
    Mapping Roles and Structure to Organizational Needs for Ongoing Success Linda Powell
    Rethinking Your Data Infrastructure for Real-Time Opportunity Brian Crook
    The CDO Stack - Using Technology to Enable Strategy Maksim Pecherskiy
    The Key to Funding Data Initiatives: What CDOs Can Learn From Suckerfish Theresa Kushner
    What CEOs Really Want From CDOs - And How to Deliver on It Cortnie Abercrombie
    Getting in Front on Data Quality Thomas Redman
    What's Your Data Worth? John Akred
    Data Debt: A Powerful Metric for Sustaining EIM and DG John Ladley
    Taking a Statistical Approach to Data Valuation Reuben Vendeventer
    Emerging Data Liability Issues William Tanenbaum
    Lightning Talks
    The Princess Bride Effect Katherine O'Keefe
    Confessions of an Unlikely Big Data Skeptic Tim Berglund
    Discovering Economic Signals in Telematics Data Tom Tierney
    Faceted Browsing of Semantic Graphs Evren Sirin
    Abstraction vs. Generalization – What’s the Difference? Gordon Everest
    Investing in Semantics: Making the Business Case (An ROI-based Argument) Robert Kasenchak
    How to Explain Data Management to Senior Management in Less Than 5 Minutes Ray McGlew
    Diagramming Crimes Glen Bell
    IT Shops Need Librarians Susan Earley
    Business Data Architecture & Fear of Commitment Mark Ouska

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