Introducing SQT, the Semantic Query and Transformation Language
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  Dave Duggal   Dave Duggal
Founder / Managing Director


Tuesday, April 19, 2016
12:15 PM - 01:00 PM

Level:  Business/Strategic

EnterpriseWeb’s award-winning application platform features its own Modeling language, SQT™ (Semantic Query and Transformation).

Attendees will learn how EnterpriseWeb's Declarative modeling approach de-couples models from implementations so objects are always dynamically interpreted for a run-time context. SQT supports personalized user-experiences, optimized transactions and business agility.

The session will include a demonstration of an SQT-based design-studio for rapidly on-boarding new connections, developing local artifacts and composing objects into higher-level applications. The design-studio itself is model-driven to facilitate mappings to system primitives, types and domain concepts.

EnterpriseWeb’s modeling approach, based on links and metadata with policies for conditional logic, provides a denotational semantics for building rich, highly-modular solutions from simple parts.

The common design pattern applies to modeling anything: ontologies; organization models; data models; processes; user-interfaces; networks; etc.

Dave Duggal, Founder and Managing Director of EnterpriseWeb. Dave is the founder of an innovative startup EnterpriseWeb ( His company offers an award-winning application platform for dynamic, distributed, data-driven business processes. EnterpriseWeb helps organizations flexibly connect end-to-end solutions across silos, partners, technologies and protocols. The outspoken entrepreneur is a proponent of next generation ‘smart’ and dynamically adaptable software. Dave is an Inventor on several awarded patents and is author of many academic papers, articles and blogs. He is a regular conference speaker (CloudExpo, SemTech, EDW, GoTo Con, TM Forum, BPMnext, etc). Dave leads the Integration and Orchestration team for the Industrial Internet Consortium and is an active member of the TM Forum.

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