Big Complex Data: A Forward Looking Case Study from China
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  Wang Yong   Wang Yong
Senior Data Management Expert
Alibaba Corp
    Xuebo Zhao
Senior Specialist
Alibaba Group


Thursday, April 21, 2016
08:30 AM - 09:15 AM

Level:  Intermediate

Alibaba is one of China's largest Internet companies. Its business covers Ecommerce, Internet finance, cloud computing, big data, and so on. Big data is an important part of corporate strategy. Companies large and extensive internal application data to a variety of scenes, in the process also encountered challenges unique to the era of big data.

This topic focuses on highly enriched in the data, the size of the rapid expansion of the business highly cross behind data management issues faced by the prosperity and development of data services, and these problems may be quite common challenges for most data intensive companies in the next three or five years later.

This proposal will include the following issues:

  • Big Data Cost
  • Data Dependency / Impact
  • Data organization Evolution
  • Contradictory between data requirement and supply
  • Technical challenges of complex data network (with DAG)

WangYong has 8 years of experience as a Developer, Data Architect and Data Management Expert. He is currently Senior Data Management Expert at Aliyun Corp, which belongs to Alibaba Group, and the main business is Cloud Computing and Big Data. Big Data in Alibaba is very complex: Large amounts of data types, rich application scenarios, thousands of data developer and so on. He witnessed the large data Alibaba rapid evolution, experienced sustained changes platforms and hundreds of times the size of the expansion, which met a lot of interesting and complex issues, there are many unique experiences. He also has a number of innovative technologies for data management, such as extremely storage, HBO (history based optimizer), cost evaluation mechanism (named Health Degree) and so on.

Zhao Xuebo has played important roles in alibaba's data governance and he leads the data-quality management across multi-business unit in alibaba. Zhao Xuebo’s ten plus years in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence include many role from data developer,data product manager, data mining, user profiling analyst . In recent 3 years,his interest and focus has been heavily oriented toward data governance and data quality management . Under his leadership, Alibaba immediately established a data quality management team which is responsible for looking for method, creating policies, building system and implementing data quality-improving projects. Zhao Xuebo holds a Masters degrees in both applied mathematics and Management Science from Ocean University of china.

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