Agile in Government – Hippo in a Tutu or How to Make Large Organizations More Flexible to Change
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  Corinna Martinez   Corinna Martinez
QA/IV&V Program Manager
TurningPoint Global Solutions, LLC


Wednesday, April 20, 2016
09:30 AM - 10:15 AM

Level:  Business/Strategic

This session will go over some case studies of Agile in Government and how to implement an Agile culture within a bureaucracy while avoiding some of the pitfalls of Agile. Participants will learn:
  • Precepts of Agile most likely to succeed/fail in Government
  • Best projects for Agile and the Mandates – Federal/State
  • Ways to measure Agile to keep Management and Finance Informed
  • Ways to implement Agile precepts into the business of Government
  • How to improve your adoption of Agile and keep the newly educated

Corinna Martinez has extensive experience in project and portfolio management, standards and methodology tailoring, enterprise planning - data, architecture, apps, resources including Organizational Change Management planning, IT security and data auditing, Disaster Recovery Planning, and Operations Management. She has instructed and mentored team members in government, IT and business analysis, and review methods such as: legislative bill analysis; strategic planning - enterprise and IT; risk and needs assessments; budget, cost and feasibility studies: business process analysis; issue cause and resolution analysis; review of systems test and conversion plans and post implementation evaluations.

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