Better, Faster, Strategic: Pick Any Three with the DMM Model
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  Jeff Gentry   Jeff Gentry
Head of Group Data
Argo Group
  Melanie Mecca   Melanie Mecca
Director, Data Management Products and Services
CMMI Institute


Wednesday, April 20, 2016
08:30 AM - 09:15 AM

Level:  Business/Strategic

Argo Group is an international underwriter of specialty insurance and reinsurance in the property and casualty market, offering a full line of products and services designed to meet the unique coverage and claims handling needs of businesses in four primary segments: Excess & Surplus Lines, Commercial Specialty, International Specialty, and Lloyd's Syndicate 1200. New data and analytics programs in 2015 focused on two goals:
  • Achieve unique insights into our specialty customers, and their needs
  • Make every business decision a data-driven decision

The new Head of Group Data launched these programs simultaneously to accelerate maturation of data management and analytics capabilities. Argo Group selected the CMMI Institute’s Data Management Maturity Model as a comprehensive framework for understanding where they were, and structuring data management strategy. You will learn:

  • How the DMM Assessment kick-started data management and analytics programs
  • How a new data management executive aligned his DM program with business strategy

Jeff is Head of Group Data at Argo Group, an international underwriter of specialty insurance and reinsurance products in property and casualty markets. In a data and analytics strategist role reporting to the COO, he is responsible for driving the company's agenda to understand specialty customers and markets, and make data-driven decisions. He has focused on consumer information for over 25 years, in a dozen industries. Jeff has consulted, taught, and published on data management, analytics, and marketing topics in North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

Ms. Mecca, CMMI Institute’s Director of Data Management Products and Services, led development of the Data Management Maturity (DMM) SM Model. Her team created a business-centric method for assessing an organization’s capabilities via the DMM, and she leads Assessments for organizations in multiple industries. She directed creation of the Building EDM Capabilities, Mastering EDM Capabilities, and Enterprise Data Management Expert (EDME) courses leading to the EDME certification. In her 30+ years solving enterprise data challenges, Ms. Mecca advocates measuring data management capabilities as the quickest path to business value, and is devoted to empowering our industry through data management education.

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