PM7: Beyond Reports, OLAP and Dashboards: Emerging Practices, Analytics, and Technologies
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  Stephen Dine   Stephen Dine
Managing Partner
Datasource Consulting, LLC
  Mark Madsen   Mark Madsen
Third Nature, Inc.


Monday, April 18, 2016
01:30 PM - 04:45 PM

Level:  Advanced

With the trend towards advanced analytics, increased data volumes and decreased latency requirements come the challenges of uncertain and volatile schemas, managing continuously expanding data volumes, and demand for faster delivery cycles. Advances in hardware and software are reinventing BI and data management, giving us the ability to step up to these challenges. This course is designed to help you understand the new world of BI and how to deploy changing technologies to reinvent your BI program. Come prepared to challenge your organization’s beliefs about best practices for data delivery, design, and management. We’ll seek opportunities to modernize and advance your BI program in three areas:
  1. Getting more value from existing data
  2. Managing exceptional and accelerating data growth
  3. Achieving faster development cycles without compromising capabilities

You will learn:

  • About new technologies and emerging organizational practices to address new challenges and requirements
  • Aspects of new analytic databases and how they can be deployed
  • Advanced analytical tools and techniques and how to support them
  • Options to address growth, lower latency requirements, and resolve performance problems
  • Alternatives to manage changing requirements including data virtualization, NoSQL, and the cloud

Steve Dine is the managing partner and founder of Datasource Consulting, LLC. He has extensive experience delivering and managing successful, highly scalable and maintainable data integration and business intelligence solutions. Steve combines hands-on technical experience across the entire BI project lifecycle with strong business acumen. He is the former Director of Global Data Warehousing for a major durable medical equipment manufacturing company and currently works as a consultant for Fortune 500 companies. Steve is a faculty member at The Data Warehouse Institute and a judge for the Annual TDWI Best Practices Awards. Steve earned his bachelor's degree from the University of Vermont and a MBA from the University of Colorado at Boulder

Mark Madsen is president of Third Nature, a technology consulting and market research firm focused on business intelligence, data integration, and data management. Mark is an award-winning architect and former CTO whose work has been featured in numerous industry publications. He is a principal author of Clickstream Data Warehousing (John Wiley & Sons, 2002) and frequently speaks at conferences and writes about business intelligence and emerging technology.

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