A Data Warehouse Now, Using Methods for the Future
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  Luminita Vollmer   Luminita Vollmer
Enterprise and Information Architecture Champion
Thrivent Financial


Tuesday, April 19, 2016
10:15 AM - 11:00 AM

Level:  Intermediate

It is 2015. The year when Millennials and Gen X-ers are greater in number than the Baby Boomers. The year when technology, social media, and the Internet of Things are changing faster than a baby is born. When ideas of innovation have to be in the future, the relational database no longer the only database of choice and the architecture truly distributed between prem and cloud, we need a vision of how the data warehouse can become again an old friend for reliable answers to our business questions. The vendors are many more and different, the designers require new skills and the expectations are let's say more predictive. Sandboxes, Virtual integration, Advanced Analytics, new languages and many platforms - only a handful of the components that require an architecture for the future to meet business requirements.

This session provides a framework for the architecture of the changed data warehouse, the components and related technology to process not only structured data. The attendees will get a good understanding of the following:

  • Architecture components of an enhanced data warehouse
  • Benefits and capabilities of the additional components
  • Specific technologies and implementation alternatives
  • Top 10 important concepts to consider about the new architecture

You need to augment your current data warehouse with big data technologies to position for future large amounts of data, in a variety of formats, coming into the organization to enable insights and better business decisions. We'll include specific use cases for the financial industry where big data augmentation to the current data warehouse produces business benefits, creates insights not possible before, and brings the technology more in line with trends in the industry.

Luminita is a passionate champion for Enterprise and Information Architecture with extensive experience in Enterprise Information Management and new data and digital technologies . Her experience spans several industries - banking, insurance and finance, manufacturing, health care. She holds an undergraduate degree in MIS/Business/Finance from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, and an MBA from St. Thomas College in St. Paul Minnesota. Luminita is an active member of the local DAMA MN chapter, TwinCities Business Architecture forum (TCBAF) and Architecture (AES); she is a volunteer and board member for the Bloomington-Izumi SisterCity organization in Bloomington, MN (http://www.bloomington-izumi.org/basic.) Luminita is a CDMP and CBIP certified data architect.

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