Harnessing Enterprise Architecture to Build a Master Data Architecture
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  Flor Aguilar   Flor R. Aguilar
Data Analyst
Bank of Mexico


Thursday, April 21, 2016
08:30 AM - 09:15 AM

Level:  Introductory

The Enterprise Architecture Framework (TOGAF) allows to represent and understand the needs of organizations and how these needs can be supported by the development of process and IT solutions. In the case of Master Data, TOGAF can help us to define a process oriented approach in which all data element of the process can be identified. Once all process are identified the relationship of process provide an indirect identification of the common entities that are candidates to become Master Data in a business context. Moreover, TOGAF can provide a clear picture of the enterprise by providing the relationship among process and data with people, services, applications and infrastructure.

The proposal is based on the 3 iterations:

  1. The Capability Iteration includes elements to evaluate the Maturity of Management Master Data and establish the Vision of Master Data Architecture.
  2. The Development Iteration includes principles, services, processes and data artifacts of Target Architecture.
  3. The Planning Iteration includes a strategy and guidelines to implement a Target Architecture.

Flor Aguilar studied Computer Engineering at UNAM , belonged to the High Performance Program Scholar and graduated with honors . In 2012 she joined the Bank of Mexico , where she has designed and implemented models for Management System Financial Data.

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