The Future of Data Governance
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  Michael Miller   Michael G Miller
Data Governance Consultant


Tuesday, April 19, 2016
03:45 PM - 04:30 PM

Level:  Business/Strategic

What does the future of Data Governance look like? And how will you get there? As we move to become data centric businesses, many of the present approaches to Data Governance are being severely challenged. Big Data, Fast Data, Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, Social Analytics, and the Internet-of-Things (IoT) are all challenging present approaches to Data Governance.

Tried and true methods of data governance are about to go the way of the buggy whip, the slide rule and the travel agency. Whole industries are about to be "Uberized," like the taxi industry, the hotel industry and possibly the financial industry. This presentation will identify the impacts of these disruptive technologies to business and provide data governance strategies for moving forward in a brave new data centric - digital world of business.

  • What is the impact of Big Data to Data Governance?
  • What is the impact of Cloud Computing to Data Governance?
  • What is the impact of Mobile Computing to Data Governance?
  • What is the impact of Social Analytics to Data Governance?
  • What is the impact of Internet-of-Things (IoT) to Data Governance?

Michael G. Miller was most recently a member of the HSBC Global Finance IT Architecture team acting as a Global Information Architect, where he had responsibilities for architecture guidance of Global Finance projects. Mr. Miller has over 35 years of IT experience in banking, securities and insurance. Michael’s previous consulting roles include National Director of Enterprise Architecture and Business Intelligence, Executive Consultant CRM COE, and Principal - Management Consultant. He also teaches a class in Strategic Business Intelligence Implementation for George Washington University in Dubai, UAE. He holds a BBA and four master degrees (MBA, MPM, MTM, & MISM) and has done over two years of doctoral work in Knowledge Management. He is a member of the Data Management Association – Chicago Chapter Board (a member since 1986), a Certified Business Process Management Professional (ABPMP) and a Certified TOGAF Enterprise Architect.

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