The Data Diet -- A New Methodology for Peak Performance
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  Scot McGee   Scot McGee
Enterprise/Solution Architect
Zero 1 Solutions


Thursday, April 21, 2016
08:30 AM - 09:15 AM

Level:  Business/Strategic

The key to explaining IT is SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY. Less is better. But, why do you have to explain what you do in simple terms? Because you need money to fund your projects. And the people allocating budget to you are often not people who grew up living and breathing IT the same way you have. Therefore, you have to explain it to them in terms they can understand with benefits they believe are important. How can you do this?

What if there was a way to explain data and information architecture in a way most people could not only understand, but also embrace as important, worthwhile corporate initiatives? With the simple methodology of The Data Diet, I will show you how to break down common misunderstandings of information management, how to evaluate the data your company is taking in – not all data is created equal – and how to use that data to make your company perform at optimal levels.

You see, data is fuel for your organization, and like any premiere athlete knows, the type of fuel you put in, store, and use dictates your outcome. Join me as we dive deeper into The Data Diet and get ready to help your company reach its peak performance!

Scot McGee is an innovative thought leader known throughout the business intelligence community as a visionary who can not only conceptualize, but also lead the implementation of his ideas to fruition, helping companies become more profitable and lucrative. With a background in finance, his keen business sense enables him to see the value of technology across the entire organization. He has a unique ability to manage key players in both technical and business disciplines and has built highly motivated teams with shared commitment and drive for success. His fifteen year plus history in the industry has earned him the reputation of a tenacious yet compassionate leader. Throughout his career, Scot has shaped numerous companies by constructing teams to integrate analytical services into core operations for company growth and increased profits.

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