W3: Data Governance Cataloging and Mapping of the Business Vocabulary
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  Lowell Fryman   Lowell W Fryman
Services Capability Principal


Sunday, April 17, 2016
02:30 PM - 05:45 PM

Level:  Introductory

Best Practices for Business Glossary Governance Maturity Often organizations are challenged in selecting the first implementation that the Data Governance (DG) program should address. A Business Glossary is a great first initiative as well as one that provides significant value to the enterprise.

A Business Glossary is used to communicate a common language and understanding across the enterprise to connect business management and knowledge workers to information they can trust, helping to eliminate misunderstandings that cause lost time, lost opportunities, and lost revenue. The Business Glossary should be an early deliverable from your DG program and mature to include the logical and physical data constructs as a valuable component to drive DG maturity and value.

This seminar will be helpful for data management and governance professionals that have been challenged with any of the following issues:

  • How to organize the business glossary program for quick wins as well as position it for a maturing DG program
  • Need to establish standards and best practices for the business glossary and cataloging IT Assets
  • Legal and compliance regulations that are driving new projects yet the terminology/vocabulary are not clearly defined)
  • Enterprise or international projects like CDI/MDM that must address terminology and semantic differences across the enterprise
From this seminar you will learn:
  • Methods for establishing the Business Glossary, standards and best practices
  • How to leverage your existing Governance organization and processes
  • How to cost effectively leverage a Data Playbook approach to capture and manage the governance activities and content
  • Methods for the organization and rationalization of Glossary content
  • Technology alternatives for the Business Glossary and associated functionality

Lowell is responsible for directing thought leadership and services capabilities in the Customer Success practice of Collibra. He has been a practitioner in the data management industry for three decades and is recognized as a leader in data governance, analytics and data quality having hands-on experience with implementations across most industries. Lowell is a co-author of the book “Business Metadata; Capturing Enterprise Knowledge” and a coauthor of “The Data and Analytics Playbook” published in 2017. Lowell is a past adjunct professor at Daniels College of Business, Denver University and Education Advisor for DAMA-I Rocky Mountain Chapter (RMC), and a member of the DAMA International Board of Directors (VP Online Services). He currently authors Business Glossary and metadata articles for TDAN.com. He focuses on practical data governance techniques and has trained thousands of professionals in data governance, data warehousing, and data management

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