Establishing Traceable Quality With Deep-Dive Data Lineage
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  Ian Rowlands   Ian Rowlands
Vice President of Product Marketing
ASG Technologies


Wednesday, April 20, 2016
11:45 AM - 12:30 PM

Level:  Intermediate

Understanding where your data came from, how it moves through your systems, and how it changes, is the most critical and most difficult task in any data management project. If that process – known as “tracing data lineage” – is not well executed it is impossible to have any confidence in the authenticity of the data that you use to manage your business. This session describes how to address the real challenges. Data lineage seems like a simple idea: “I’m looking at a number on a report. Where did that number come from?” However, since business users first identified the need both they and technical users have recognized requirements that are more challenging:
  1. Trace the movement of data across data stores in a Data Warehouse or Big Data environment.
  2. Know how data is being changed and manipulated as it moves from source systems to target reports and inquiries.
  3. Understand detailed data movement and transformation in custom applications – which becomes more complex with Java and other object-oriented languages.
  4. Integrate the understanding of custom applications and Decision Support Systems to provide the complete “End-To-End” understanding that is vital for many compliance projects.
  5. Enhance knowledge of data lineage with information from subject matter experts when automated scanning of sources is insufficient.
  6. Enhance data lineage knowledge by adding connections to business glossary, reference and quality information, and business and design models.
  7. The ability to flag lineage challenges and track them to resolution.

As Vice President of Product Marketing, Ian Rowlands is responsible for the communication of ASG's metadata-management based solutions. He manages and participates in product launch and delivery plans and creation and management of partner relationships. He was previously VP of Metadata Development and VP for Product Management. Before ASG, Rowlands was Director of Indirect Channels for Viasoft, a leading EAM vendor (acquired by ASG), owning relationships with partners outside North America. Rowlands has worked extensively in metadata management, IT systems and financial management, and presented at conferences worldwide, including DAMA and CMG. Rowlands has many years of experience in applications design and development, has managed ADABAS, IDMS, and DB2 databases and designed systems to run on a variety of hardware and operating systems. Originally from the U.K., Rowlands is a Chartered IT Professional and standing member of the British Computer Society.

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