S2: Crafting Compelling (and True) Data Stories
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  Kimberly Nevala   Kimberly Nevala
Director, Business Strategies
SAS Best Practices
  Bree Baich   Bree Baich
Transmedia Mastermind


Thursday, April 21, 2016
01:15 PM - 04:30 PM

Level:  Business/Strategic

You know data, but do you know story? Or why story matters to data professionals? Data aside, dealing with diverse skills sets, experiences and usage needs alone can make it tough to create compelling narratives. Narratives that compel people to not only believe the evidence, but act.

We’re all natural born storytellers but unless your role within an organization requires it, it becomes a lost art. Stories engage, they’re memorable and authentic. Storytelling can help an audience see the value in the data and why decisions need to be made. The most important part is that data stories are fact based, not fiction. Stories works because they’re the connection we need to get everyone on the same page and influence change.

This workshop will demonstrate how to bring your data to life through engaging, informative and compelling storytelling. You’ll discover the power of storytelling and the right – and wrong - way to utilize data to communicate effectively.

Join us to learn how to…

  • Make the case for data storytelling in BI and analytics
  • Examine the implications of your data from the point of view of various audiences and perspectives
  • Accurately identify roadblocks to understanding or acceptance.
  • Think like a designer and utilize concepts of design in data visualization
  • Highlight the most important aspects of your data [and let go of the rest]
  • Create your own compelling (and true) data narratives
  • Apply tried and true best practices to create messages that resonate and inspire action

Kimberly Nevala is the Director of Business Strategies for SAS Best Practices. She advises customers on how to balance forward-thinking strategies with real-world perspectives on business analytics, data governance, analytic culture and change management. Kimberly’s current focus is helping customers understand both the business potential as well as the practical implications and limitations of artificial intelligence and machine learning. A popular speaker and author, Kimberly has published numerous eBooks and white papers including “The Machine Learning Primer”, “Data-Driven: From All Gut to Analytically-Driven Glory”, “Anatomy of an Analytic Enterprise”, “The CAO eBook” and “Sustainable Data Governance”. Her latest SAS eBook “Making SENSE of AI” is coming soon!

Bree Baich is the Transmedia Mastermind for SAS Best Practices where she applies her design and storytelling skills to transform complex concepts into dynamic, thought-provoking narratives deployed through a variety of media.

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