Making a Business Case for Enterprise Data Governance and Stewardship: A Real Roadmap
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  Karen Akens   Karen Akens
Data Consultant
Data Blueprint
  Sara Willovit   Sara Willovit
Senior MDM Manager


Tuesday, April 19, 2016
10:15 AM - 11:00 AM

Level:  Introductory

This session focuses on how one of the world's largest education companyies implemented business value through added data governance across the enterprise. Attendees will learn how we turned challenges into successes, and how to apply our lessons learned to their own organizations.
  • Identifying and demonstrating the need for enterprise data management practices
  • Obtaining executive sponsorship
  • Partnering with industry experts for guidance
  • Choosing the path between a top-down and bottom-up approach
  • Designing and implementing a pilot data quality program that demonstrates the business value of governing data through quality
  • Identifying and training data stewards
  • Laying the foundation for hiring an enterprise Global VP of Data
  • Collaboratively working with the business to continuously focus on the business value add of data governance through development of a business glossary and Master Data Management.

Karen is a data management consultant with Data Blueprint. As a Certified Data Management Professional, she has data management and solution development experience for numerous government and commercial clients. Her skill-set includes in-depth analysis of clients' business processes, analysis of data and data sources, and development and communication of data-centric tailored solutions that add business value. Her expertise focuses on eliciting business and technical requirements and facilitating communication between the business users and technical experts, including all levels of management. She has helped clients improve data flow logistics, develop data quality programs, implement data governance programs, and utilize data visualization for effective decision making. She is also a board member of DAMA-CV.

Sara is currently with Verizon as Sr. MDM Manager. She was a former Director of Data Governance/Stewardship at Pearson. Sara was with Pearson for 15 years holding many positions including leading Compliance for Americas region and Chief Financial Data Steward before moving into an enterprise role with the Global Data Services team. Her skill-set includes in-depth analysis of business processes, vouching & tracing source data used for management reporting, implementing data standards and calculating the business impact of data quality. Her accomplishments include implementation of a multi-dimensional Global Chart of Accounts used for internal & external reporting, deployment of a Data Governance/Stewardship framework, implementation of an Enterprise Business Accredited Glossary Pan-Pearson, and measurable increase in data quality. She also has experience with stewardship training.

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