Changing the Data Privacy Culture: Practical Strategies for Inspiring Data Stewards to Embrace Data Privacy
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  Elizabeth Wisnia   Elizabeth L Wisnia
Education Programs Consultant
California Department of Education


Tuesday, April 19, 2016
03:45 PM - 04:30 PM

Level:  Business/Strategic

This is a session for those who are seeking to make data privacy compelling...a core value that employees embrace as more than a mandate.

Data experts understand that most data issues cannot be improved by simply installing some new-fangled technology. The true key to improving data management is by addressing human behavior. By inspiring data stewards to understand the importance of their role, organizations can save themselves from becoming the next big data breach headline. This session will focus on strategies and steps to get data stewards caring about data privacy. Techniques for building trust, managing group dynamics, and making the topic of data privacy compelling will be shared along with a list of electronic resources.

Session participants will receive practical, step-by-step tips on:

  • Developing, deploying, and sustaining a data privacy program.
  • Drafting and disseminating data privacy communications.
  • Achieving buy-in from reluctant/non-responsive/combative data privacy program stakeholders.
  • Navigating sticky data privacy situations.
  • Keeping current with data privacy laws and trends.
This session will be especially pertinent to those who are starting or building data privacy programs in public agencies.

Elizabeth Wisnia coordinates Data Governance activities and develops/delivers Data Privacy Training for the California Department of Education (CDE). Elizabeth has a Master's Degree in Psychology and has spent her career working in public service. Prior to her tenure at the CDE, she helped coordinate responses to public records requests at the University of California, Davis in the wake of the internationally-reported 2011 incident in which a UC Davis police officer pepper sprayed a group of student protestors. The weeks that followed this incident provided ample opportunity for Elizabeth to see and experience both all that can go wrong and all that can go right during high-profile incident with many data privacy implications. Prior to U.C. Davis, Elizabeth spent many years conducting job analyses and developing/maintaining exams for California licensure programs and professions.

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