PM2: Climbing the Data Quality Maturity Curve
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  Danette McGilvray   Danette McGilvray
President and Principal
Granite Falls


Monday, April 18, 2016
01:30 PM - 04:45 PM

Level:  Business/Strategic

Does this sound familiar? You are concerned about the quality of data in your organization. Few proactive efforts are underway, with the majority of resources going toward too-frequent emergency clean-up efforts quickly put into place to ward off disastrous impact to the business. You know there is a better way. But how do you get your organization to move from chaos to being proactive? How do you stop the spiral of continual data cleanup and move to a proactive data strategy?

Join us to learn about key stops on the journey up the DQ maturity curve - from (semi)chaos to reactive to proactive complete with tactical methods that can be applied to any data quality effort. Key points include:

  • Business impacts
  • Applying a data quality methodology
  • Role of communication, governance, business rules, and monitoring
  • Addressing the people, process, technology, and data aspects of the quality efforts

Danette McGilvray is president and principal of Granite Falls Consulting, Inc., a firm that helps organizations increase their success by addressing the data governance and information quality aspects of their business efforts. Focusing on bottom-line results, Granite Falls' strength is in helping clients connect their business strategy to practical steps for implementation. Data quality and governance are always tied to an organization's goals, issues, and opportunities. She also emphasizes communication and the human aspects of data quality and governance. Danette is the author of Executing Data Quality Projects: Ten Steps to Quality Data and Trusted Information™. An internationally respected expert, her Ten Steps™ approach has been embraced as a proven method for creating, improving, and managing data quality in all types of organizations. Her Fortune 500 clients and thousands of workshop attendees in countries around the world have benefited from her approach.

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