The Big Mix: Strategically Blending Data with Information to Discover New Value
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  Cynthia Barr   Cynthia Barr
Sr. Product Manager
Thomson Reuters
  Pramod Bohra   Pramod Bohra
Lead Software Engineer
Thomson Reuters


Thursday, April 21, 2016
09:30 AM - 10:15 AM

Level:  Advanced

Almost every company is in a race to get the most from their data and use it as a differentiator in the marketplace. Being able to bring together different but related data sources along with document based semantic content from across the organization can provide crucial data insights to the business and drastic improvements in productivity. Often this is easier said than done.

The session covers how different technologies are used to put together a framework which would allow businesses to get actionable and valuable insights. We will explore how this could be implemented without disrupting the business and what a strategic plan to migrate to a next generation technology stack might look like.

We will discuss some of the projects within our company that are focused on allowing us to use our data and information more effectively.

  • Semantic Web search (ElasticSearch, Smartlogic Taxonomy and Ontology Management)
  • Auto-classification of data and information
  • Ontology Management (Smartlogic)
  • Metadata Analytics (ElasticSearch/Taxonomy)
  • Predictive Analytics (Machine Learning, Classification, R)
  • Selecting a NoSQL data store (Comparison between Columnar (HBase) and Document (Couchbase) data stores

Cynthia Barr, CPA, MPA Cynthia is a Sr. Product Manager in our Corporate Product group within Thomson Reuters Tax and Accounting. She has spent 30 years in a hybrid role between professional accounting, consulting, and technology development. Prior to coming to Thomson Reuters in 2013, Cynthia served as the US Tax Compliance Technology Leader for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). During her 28 year tenure at PwC she leveraged her deep understanding of the tax accounting industry to manage multiple enterprise projects optimizing business processes, improving data management, and implementing cross-functional solutions between proprietary applications and vendor solutions (including Thomson Reuters products). Currently, Cynthia is working with multiple TR product and development teams to establish a framework of semantic technologies and envisioning next generation product solutions around Analytics and Global Search experiences.

Pramod Bohra is currently working as Lead Engineer in Tax and Accounting division within Thomson Reuters working on several data related projects. Prior to joining Thomson Reuters in 2014, Pramod has worked as a Solutions Architect with Hewlett Packard (HP) for 14 years. During his tenure at HP he has worked on several solutions to provide meaningful and actionable data insights to produce positive and profitable results for IT Asset Management. Currently, Pramod is working on design and implementation of multiple next generation data solutions at Thomson Reuters. Pramod has a Masters in Computer Science from UT Arlington and recently got his MBA from the same school.

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