Great Music, Great Costumes, Can’t Dance!
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  Jim Jameson   Jim Jameson
Noah Consulting


Thursday, April 21, 2016
09:30 AM - 10:15 AM

Level:  Business/Strategic

For Data Governance initiatives, four key things are essential for sustainable adoption:
  • Quality definitions/standards/rules (‘music’)
  • Technology/tools (‘stage/lights’)
  • Roles/responsibilities (‘costumes’)
  • People fulfilling the roles (‘dance’)
We often assume people will be willing and able to perform their new roles based on a great design. (“If you build it, they will come!”) This presentation will focus on how to teach folks to ‘dance’ -- in other words, how to implement sustainable adoption by getting people ready for transformational changes and by equipping and motivating them to work in new ways. Supporting activities to be discussed will include:
  • Audience Analysis – to ensure people issues/needs are understood and addressed
  • Enhanced Communication – to foster ongoing dialog via trusted leaders
  • Role Clarity –to sustain performance and establish accountability
  • Change Agent Network – to support awareness, coaching, and ongoing adoption

Jim Jameson is a Principal at Noah Consulting LLC. His role is to improve the success rate of technology adoption projects, working mainly in the areas of Change Management, Collaboration, and Communications. He believes that focusing on the people side of technology change is the key to improving ROI on transformational 'IT solutions'. Jim earned his BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Louisiana Tech University, along with an MS degree in Information Systems and post-grad certificate in Knowledge Management, both from George Washington University. He currently resides in Keller, TX and is active in the DFW Organization Development Network.

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