Big Data Management - Driving Insights and Innovation
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  James Macknik   James M Macknik
Senior Director, Data Management


Wednesday, April 20, 2016
08:30 AM - 09:15 AM

Level:  Intermediate

Equifax has implemented the Cambrian Ecosystem - a next-generation, Hadoop platform for big data analytics - within its Data & Analytics division, and is transforming the ways it performs data science and modeling.

This presentation will highlight some of the history of how Equifax used to manage and analyze data, and how the implementation of modern architecture, data management practices, data governance policies, and modular data viewing is transforming our ability to see a 360-degree view of consumers.

These practices, though, can be leveraged by anyone with large, disparate, data assets that it needs to blend and transform into new insights and innovative products.

Major points to be covered:

  • How implementing a big-data platform reduced analysis time from weeks to days
  • How starting with a plan for your disparate data will make your life easier
  • How to use restricted/regulated data with open data in a Data Lake environment
  • See the value of performing Data Quality Monitoring and Data Management Best-Practices to the bottom line

Jim is currently leading the Equifax efforts in building MDM strategies and policies for large data warehousing environments focused on integrating disparate data sources. Integrated platforms and data are used in downstream products and platforms serving focused marketing, comprehensive risk, consumer financial capacity modeling, and designing new ways of identifying and qualifying leads in the financial, auto, insurance, utility, and communications industries. He was a primary data lead in building the Equifax Cambrian Environment, a next-generation data warehousing and processing environment that is revolutionizing the use of disparate data sources in comprehensive risk and marketing solutions for the credit, auto, and telecommunications industries.

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