Enterprise Data Catalog - A Case Study
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  Jeremy Posner   Jeremy Posner
Senior Director – Data Management & Strategy


Tuesday, April 19, 2016
01:15 PM - 02:00 PM

Level:  Business/Strategic

Every sizable organization will keep a Software Asset Inventory - containing both internally developed and externally sourced software, it's deployed versions, owners, licenses, and suchlike. Every sizable organization will keep a Hardware Asset Inventory too - including: servers, pc's, laptops, cellphones, networking and storage equipment. Typical use-cases for both are: dependency management, accounting/cost allocation, licensing and security management.

How many companies have a comprehensive Data Asset Inventory? One place to identify and catalog the Data - we mean ALL the firm's data, in all its structured and unstructured guises.

We present a Case study from a global financial company that has embarked on a journey to register and account for it's Data Assets, enabling them to prove to the regulators and their executive management that they know:

  • What type of data exists
  • Where the data is, geographically
  • Who is responsible, accountable
  • Which are the golden sources and authorized distributors of data
  • The retention policies are being applied correctly and where archives are located
  • Where the data is being used and through which interface formats
  • Who has or had access to the data
  • It's accuracy via a certification process
You will learn:
  • Key use cases for the catalog, from regulatory, legal (eDiscovery) through to internal
  • What is the true breadth of data under potential inspection
  • Why current CMDB and IT asset inventories fail to cover data adequately
  • How to model this area and strategies for population
  • How to ensure the data is kept accurate including sample governance models
  • How to classify and index your data
  • Architectures for data cataloging
  • Where the data catalog fits with other initiatives in data governance such as business glossary, taxonomy management, and data model management.

Jeremy Posner is Senior Director – Data Strategy and Services at Synechron, and a Data Architect with over 20 years experience mainly within global financial institutions including Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan. He specializes in enterprise data architecture, modelling, tools, standards and metadata. Still a hands-on technician, he strives to apply new practices and technologies to common data problems with a "different and better" mindset.

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