Establishing the CDO Agenda
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  Peter Aiken   Peter Aiken
Founder and President, Professor IS at Virginia Commonwealth University
Data Blueprint
  Linda Powell   Linda Powell


Tuesday, April 19, 2016
03:45 PM - 04:30 PM

Level:  Intermediate

This discussion presents an overview of the CDO Agenda, and will help you to:
  • Recognize when data challenges are really the root cause of underlying business and IT problems;
  • Build business cases to obtain requisite funding for these initiatives; and
  • Rapidly achieve tangible recognizable results ensuring further investment.
Why you should attend:
  • Data challenges are embedded in virtually all business and governmental initiatives – representing a very real "IT Achilles heel"
  • Very little time and attention is focused on data in either college/university education or practical training
  • Understanding the value of standing up a data team is much more effective than attempting to address these challenges piecemeal
Traditional approaches while fine in theory do not reflect the realities of today's regulatory and budget constrained environments.

Peter Aiken is an acknowledged Data Management (DM) authority. As a practicing data consultant, professor, author and researcher, he has studied DM for more than 30 years. International recognition has come from assisting more than 150 organizations in 30 countries including some of the world's most important. He is a dynamic presence at events and author of 10 books and multiple publications, including his latest on Data Strategy. Peter also hosts the longest running and most successful webinar series dedicated to DM (hosted by In 1999, he founded Data Blueprint, a consulting firm that helps organizations leverage data for profit, improvement, competitive advantage and operational efficiencies. He is also Associate Professor of Information Systems at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), past President of the International Data Management Association (DAMA-I) and Associate Director of the MIT International Society of Chief Data Officers.

Linda Powell is the Chief Data Officer of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Previously, she was the CDO at the Office of Financial Research within the U.S. Treasury Department and Chief of the Economic Data Management and Analysis section in the Research Division at the Board of Governors Federal Reserve System. She has a BA in Economics from Rutgers University and an MS in quantitative Finance from George Washington University. She has over 25 years of experience in the finance industry including a money center bank, the Federal Reserve Bank of NY, Board of Governors, OFR, and CFPB.

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