Data Supply Chains
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  Lloyd Robinson   Lloyd Robinson
Robinson Ryan


Wednesday, April 20, 2016
11:45 AM - 12:30 PM

Level:  Business/Strategic

In recent decades public and private organizations have extracted enormous efficiencies by simplifying and improving previously complex supply chains across enterprises, industries, sectors and countries.

In Enterprise IT, we are confronted with inefficiencies and complexities that rival early supply chains: the integration of Data Warehouses, Big Data solutions, new channels and Stakeholders, and complexities in master data distribution threaten to overwhelm effective planning and cost control.

What lessons can we learn by applying supply chain concepts to enterprise data management?

Lloyd Robinson will explore the business case for implementing a Data Supply Chain. Organizations can achieve immediate improvements and a longer term lower cost and risk structure.

Lloyd Robinson is a 30 year campaigner, who has never used an un-customised methodology, views architecture as a war of attrition, dreams of a green fields site, but is always presented with expansive brown desert with only a few spring shoots. He has led teams of 500, 100 and 2, and budgets of $100M. He has taken part in spectacular successes and spectacular failures. He has worked in 4 continents, 15 countries, and 10 different industries. Some call him an architect; some call him a grumpy old man. He is an accomplished public speaker, with a practical way of presenting complex ideas. He is the Director of Robinson Ryan, a data centric consulting company.

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