Implementing a Metadata Repository and Strategy at Very Low Cost
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  Dennis Manieri   Dennis Manieri
Enterprise Data Architect
AmeriHealth Caritas Family of Companies
  Daniel Ryan   Daniel W Ryan
Application Support Specialist
AmeriHealth Caritas Family of Companies


Wednesday, April 20, 2016
08:30 AM - 09:15 AM

Level:  Intermediate

Metadata is a critical component of business, as it is the information about the data stored in an organization's systems. If a company is attempting to use data effectively, it must fully understand the metadata that supports that data. This requires a strategy and repository for metadata. A metadata strategy and repository are things that most organizations do not currently have.

This presentation will offer a methodology for creating and implementing a metadata strategy, and a low cost, quick and effective implementation of a metadata repository based upon actual experiences of the presenter at several companies. The attendee will gain an understanding of the importance of metadata, the various types of metadata, metadata's role in the data-information-knowledge continuum, and a plan for instituting a metadata strategy within their organization. This is a hands-on presentation that will demonstrate how to develop and implement an effective metadata repository and strategy for less than $50,000 and deliver it in three to five months. I have been successful doing this at two employers: CIGNA and Amerihealth Caritas Family of Companies.

In this lively presentation you will learn:

  • The foundation of sharing data assets across the entire organization
  • How to develop a recognition of the value of data and its components
  • How to develop a map for managing expanding information requirements
  • How to develop and implement a low cost metadata repository solution in three to five months and for less than $50K
  • How to measure the value of information
  • The importance of central data administration to an organization
  • The importance of business user direct access and authority for documenting and enhancing metadata
  • A method for addressing data quality, data integrity, and data reuse
  • An overview of Information Stewardship and the business/IS relationship

Dennis Manieri is an Enterprise Data Architect with demonstrated experience in healthcare and banking systems, and logical and physical data modeling in a variety of environments, experienced in SQL, with DML and DDL creation and modification experience. Excellent data analysis skills and design talents, with very strong metadata management skills and repository management experience. Strong written and oral communication skills, with leadership demonstrated on multiple design and development committees. Excellent interpersonal and team oriented skills with business and technical staff. Holds active CPA license and has superior analytical skills.

Daniel W. Ryan is an Application Support Specialist with demonstrated experience in healthcare systems, and logical and physical data analytics in a variety of environments with significant experience in SQL. As a member of a domain solutions team, Daniel has demonstrated his excellent data analysis skills in a variety of enterprise-level projects. Daniel combines strong written and oral communication skills with team leadership, along with business and technical knowledge. Daniel is a member of DAMA-Indiana and a graduate of Purdue University with a B.S. in Applied Mathematics.

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